The way we lead impacts the way people live. That’s why we share our message of Truly Human Leadership far and wide.

The way we lead impacts the way people live. That’s why we share our message of Truly Human Leadership far and wide.

Our Outreach
Changing mind, changing lives
We’re not just building a better business; we’re building a better world.Bob Chapman, Chairman & CEO
Changing minds, changing lives.

Some years ago, we became intentional about sharing the Barry-Wehmiller story outside our walls. By sharing the lessons learned throughout Barry-Wehmiller’s transformation, we hope to inspire others to consider a better way to lead.

Our message of Truly Human Leadership has been the subject of a best-selling book and is regularly shared through our multi-media blog. Additionally, many companies and organizations seek us out to share our insights at conferences or for our leadership and culture training and consulting services.

Leadership Consulting

Our Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute takes the lessons learned within Barry-Wehmiller and partners with other companies to create strategic visions, engage employees, improve corporate culture and develop outstanding leaders through leadership training, assessments and workshops.

Speakers Bureau

Companies, associations, schools and organizations of all sizes book Bob Chapman and other Barry-Wehmiller leaders to share our leadership and culture transformation message during speeches, webinars and workshops, virtually or in person, at venues around the globe.

Community-Based Listening Training

Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities (formerly Our Community Listens), a non-profit founded by Bob and Cynthia Chapman, brings a cornerstone of Barry-Wehmiller’s internal leadership training to communities. “Listen Like a Leader” improves how participants listen, relate, discern and communicate helping them to connect and see things from others' perspectives in order to build stronger communities.

Everybody Matters Book

Bob Chapman’s and Raj Sisodia's Wall Street Journal bestseller, Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family, tells the story of Barry-Wehmiller's journey from a traditional manufacturing business to one that measures success by the way we touch the lives of others.

Thought Leadership

Articles, podcasts and videos featuring insights from Bob Chapman and other like-minded leaders as well as stories highlighting our exceptional people and the lessons we continually learn as we strive every day to be a better company.